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Things to know about Rents in Phuket

Escape the Coronavirus Chaos and Chill in Thailand

Under the current global COVID-19 crisis, every sector of every industry in the world has been affected, including tourism and real estate in Thailand and Phuket.

How is Thailand affected by COVID-19?

Thailand acted promptly to try to prevent the developing coronavirus chaos as it unfolded. Most Thai people are extremely health-conscious and took to wearing masks as preventative measures while Thai doctors found a cocktail of anti-viral drugs that effectively treated COVID-19 in a 70-year-old woman with severe symptoms within 48 hours. The Thai government is closely monitoring the situation and taking measures to keep its citizens and visitors safe and well. Thailand has relatively few infections compared with European nations and China. Perhaps this is thanks to the stringent healthcare and containment measures, or due to the tropical climate.


A Plane Flying Low Over a Phuket Beach
Escape to Phuket

When the coronavirus crisis first struck China, many Chinese nationals who had traveled to Thailand before the lockdown stayed longer in Thailand to escape the virus. Who can blame these tourists? Anyone would prefer to spend time on the white sandy beaches of Phuket, enjoying the fresh sea breeze, than live in a city under lockdown. In fact, many ex-pats who already reside in Thailand have no plans to return to their home countries anytime soon, especially with the lockdowns currently in place. The beauty of Phuket properties is that many of them offer privacy, such as private, self-contained pool villas, so whole families can easily get away from all the troubles of the world and live in luxurious tropical style.

Self-Isolate in Style

A Sunbather Looks Out onto A Private Infinity Pool and the Andaman Sea
Self-Isolate in Style with a Private Pool Villa

For those looking to seriously self-isolate to avoid the virus, or whether you simply wish to get away from the chaos and panic and spend some tranquil time on this tropical island paradise, there are many luxury rentals ideal for those who seek privacy. From serviced apartments for one to spacious family-sized pool villas, Phuket offers a safe sanctuary in which to relax.

Chill Away from the Crowds

Many Phuket vacation rentals are in secure, gated communities, where peace is ensured. Our additional services and facilities, such as grocery stocking, freshly-prepared meal delivery, and airport transfers, make it easy to spend quality time spent in Phuket without having to venture out for necessities. 


A Woman Strikes a Yoga Pose in Phuket
Wellness in Phuket

The spectacular ocean and mountain views and sea breezes are already a tonic for the senses. With rentals set amongst lush, green surroundings, you and your family will instantly feel refreshed and rejuvenated by the environment. For those wishing to take wellness a step further, there are some incredible spas in Phuket, and some rentals even have their own massage room and yoga studio. 

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