If you love Thai food, chances are you also love Mexican cuisine. Both offer spicy flavors, a mixture of textures, and a symphony of tastes in every bite. Aside from the heat and amalgamation of textures and flavors, Mexican food is an entirely different cuisine from Thai. While Thai relies heavily on herbs and chilies, Mexican food uses different varieties of chili and lots of warming spices like vanilla, cloves, and anise to make every dish pop. We’re not here to compare the two cuisines, but given the wonderful similarities, it’s no surprise that there are really good Mexican restaurants open in Phuket. If you’re renting a property in Phuket and crave Mexican food, try these places!

Mexican Food in a Phuket Restaurant
Mouthwatering Mexican Food in Phuket

Mamasita Mexican

Operating since 2016, Mamasita Mexican is a mainstay on the Phuket food scene. It is family-oriented and, as such, exudes a vibrant, welcoming atmosphere. No matter who you are, you’ll be greeted with a warm smile and offered a complimentary bowl of tortilla chips. If Mexico is on your bucket list, eating here would be akin to stepping into an authentic Mexican eatery. The restaurant even imports some ingredients to make sure that the food is prepared properly. Apparently, the couple who own the place met in Mexico and picked up a few techniques and recipes along the way.

The food at Mamasita is fresh, clean, and offered at fair prices. There are no hidden costs and we can say that everything on the menu is delicious. If you want to order something fun and exciting, go for the tequila flaming fajitas and they will arrive at your table hot and, literally, on fire! The queso fundido is perfect for cheese lovers who want a hint of freshness and spice. This is one of those amazing, laidback restaurants that you can’t help but fall in love with.

Authentic Mexican Fare in Phuket
Taste Authentic Mexican Fare in Phuket

Salsa Mexicana

Everyone goes to Salsa Mexicana for the breathtaking view and the amazing variety on their menu. They have great Mexican food, which tastes even better because of the panoramic views of Patong Beach. This is a great place to dine in if you’re going with a group of friends or you have your family with you. Their menu is extensive and they offer Thai, Mexican, and European-inspired meals. If you’re looking for a place to eat Mexican food with a view, Salsa Mexicana is the place to be!

Mexican Food
Taste These Tempting Mexican Treats


Coyote Mexican Bar and Grill is located in the middle of Patong Beach. They have cocktails, beer, burgers, and yes, Mexican food. We love how they offer burritos on a plate or wrapped in paper, so you can eat them with your fingers. They also have desserts and even Tex-Mex dishes. They don’t offer traditional or authentic Mexican food but we love how they have a little bit of everything on their menu, so there’s something for everyone, even vegetarians.

A Tasty Mexican-Style Wrap
Enjoy A Tasty Mexican-Style Wrap in Patong

Sala Mexicali

Sala Mexicali offers traditional Mexican, Tex-Mex, and California-inspired dishes. This is another great restaurant to dine in if you want a little bit of everything. They have fresh salads, American barbecue dishes, and really good nachos. Don’t take our word for it, try the food for yourself. You’ll definitely love the burrito steak, fresh salad, and the tasty tequila.

Mexican-Inspired Sweetcorn
Try Mexican-Inspired Salads in Phuket

Lynn’s Mexican Cafe

If you’re in Rawai, swing by Lynn’s Mexican Cafe for a taste of Mexico. If you’re eating out with someone who wants Thai food but you want Mexican food, then head over to Lynn’s. They’ve got the best of both worlds! The food is delicious and everything on the menu is affordable. If you’re curious about a restaurant that blends both Thai and Mexican cuisine, then you’re in luck at Lynn’s.

What’s your favorite Mexican restaurant in Phuket? Which do you think offers the best margaritas? Let us know in the comments!

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