If you’ve got plans this Halloween but haven’t found a costume that can either scare or impress friends and passers-by despite, raiding all the stores in Phuket, don’t worry. Here are some impactful last-minute Halloween costume ideas that you can pull together yourself.

Halloween Heist Costumes
It’s a Halloween Heist!

1. Pretend to Pull Off a Heist

Are you a fan of the Netflix show Money Heist? If yes, why not dress up as the intelligent criminals who always keep you on the edge of your seat? All you have to do is slip into a bright red hoodie and a pair of bright red track pants, then put on a Salvador Dali mask that you can easily buy off Lazada or Shopee, and voila, you’re all set!

2. Become a Real-Life Instagram Filter

We all have a favorite Instagram filter. Whether you like the adorable dog filter or one that gives you the devils’ horns, you can make your own Instagram filter cut-out at home. All you need to do is take a screenshot of the Instagram filter on your phone, print it out, get a pair of scissors and some glue, and stick the screenshot onto a piece of cardboard with a square-shaped hole where the picture (the real you!) goes. If you don’t have all of these items, you can always run to the stationery shop, B2S, or another place that prints digital images. All there’ll be left to do is paint your favorite filter on your face and walk around with the filter in your hand.

A Woman in a Snow White Halloween Costume
Snow White Halloween Costume

3. Channel Your Inner Snow White

You don’t need an elaborate costume to look like Snow White. All you need is a blue top, preferably one with puffy shoulders, a yellow skirt, ruby-red lipstick, some hair styling products, and a juicy red apple to pull together this look. If you’re missing one or two items from your wardrobe, you can always head to one of the nearby shopping centers in Phuket that will have all you need.

4. Suit Up Like the Men In Black

How would you like to reenact the roles of the agents in a secret organization called Men In Black, who supervise extraterrestrial lifeforms that live on Earth and hide their existence from ordinary humans? All you need is a crisp white shirt, a black suit, a black tie, a pair of black shoes, a pair of black shades, and perhaps a silver-capped pen that can pass for the memory-erasing neuralyzer. If you don’t own a suit, there are many tuxedo rentals around Phuket that can lend you one for a small fee.

A Woman Wearing Pop Art Makeup for Halloween
Pop Art Halloween Makeup

5. Turn into a Pop Art Character

If you’re an artistic person, you can put your creative skills to good use and paint yourself as a pop-art character to get passers-by wondering if you’re really real. All you need is good face paint, which you can find in Toys “R” Us in Wichit, and some makeup. If you don’t know how to pull off this look, there are many YouTube tutorials that can help you.

6. Walk Like a Zombie

Give your friends a scare this Halloween by dressing up like a brain-dead zombie. All you need are tissue rolls, lots of them! Get dressed in a plain white T-shirt and a pair of comfortable white leggings and wrap yourself in tissue the best you can. If you need help, you can always get a friend to do this for you!

A Woman in a Cute Witch Outfit
A Cute Halloween Witch

7. Fly on a Broomstick Like a Witch

A witch costume is probably one of the most commonly-chosen costumes that can never go wrong. Just pick out a black skater dress from your closet, put on some black heels or boots, buy a witch’s hat, and a wooden broomstick from Shopee or Lazada if you don’t already own one, and you’re all set for Halloween!

8. Become Superman’s Alter-Ego

Dressing up like Superman is overrated! Why not dress up as his alter-ego Clark Kent? Dress as you would for office work, wear a Superman T-shirt underneath your shirt, put on a pair of black-framed glasses, and everyone will know who you really are, unlike Superman’s clueless colleagues in the movies.

A Count Dracula Halloween Costume
The Count is Down for Halloween

9. Look Like a Mysterious Dracula

If you want to dress up like Dracula but had no time to go shopping for a costume, that’s all right! Get dressed in black, slip into a black trenchcoat and pull up the collar, put on a black hat, and some fake fangs. You can easily scare unsuspecting victims!

10. Put on a Crown

As a child, most girls dream of winning beauty pageants. You can turn your childhood dream into reality this Halloween. Wear your most gorgeous gown, put on a ‘Miss Universe’ sash, and top it off with a crown. Then, strut your stuff!

Who or what are you dressing up as this Halloween? Let us know in the comments!