We provide a personal and tailored approach to each property that the owner entrusted in our care. Below is a list of our services:

  • Enquiries and Reservations
  • Rental Agreements
  • Property Preparation
  • Property Evaluation
  • Marketing
  • Rent Collection and Monthly Statements
  • การทำความสะอาด
  • Repair and Maintenance
  • Tenant Relations
  • Exit Inspections

Inquiries and Reservations

We guarantee the timely update of the booking calendar and the handling of all incoming requests within 3 hours of receipt. We also follow up on all open inquiries, ensuring that every effort is made to convert applications into bookings. You only pay when people book!

Rental Aggreements

Each property is unique, and we try to pick individual agreements that meet all the requirements of the owner.

Property Preparation

Before you offer your property to prospective tenants, we will perform a detailed inspection, make an inventory of the property, including photos, and compile a report with our recommendations for improvements or repairs. Also, we always hold a security deposit from the tenant.

Property Evaluation

To ensure that your property is rented for the maximum price possible and with the minimum duration of vacancy, we will conduct a detailed analysis of the area and similar properties on the market. To properly assess the rental price, we analyze the area’s supply & demand, local amenities & facilities, and the rental amounts similar properties are achieving.


We conduct a thorough analysis of the real estate market in Thailand, disseminate information regarding the property on all possible sites for lease, as well as publish information about the property in newspapers and magazines with the addition of a brief description and photo. Our team does everything necessary to avoid vacant properties.

Rent Collection & Monthly Statements

We collect all rent payments, including deposits. Rent payments are then transferred to the owner’s specified bank account and a detailed monthly report is then sent via email. You can also request these reports at any time.


We provide and pay for cleaning services and all laundry costs during your guests’ stays.

Repairs and Maintenance

We provide regular inspections of your property to identify minor problems and correct them promptly. We also provide 24-hour service engineering, which helps keep your property in excellent condition.

Tenant Relations

We accommodate all reasonable maintenance requests and complaints and ensure consistent tenant relations. A happy tenant is more likely to renew their rental contract, make their rental payment on time and recommend your property to their friends. We make ourselves available to your guests and tenants 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Exit Inspections

When the time comes for the tenant to vacate your property, an inspection will be performed to check the condition of your home. This includes checking the inventory made before the tenant arrived. Necessary amounts are deducted from the deposit in the event of any damages, which will be discussed with you and negotiated with the departing tenant.


Sole Agent Representation:
The property owner hereby appoints to represent and manage the designated property.
The agent’s services and obligations may include but are not limited to:
          A) Introducing the property to the agent’s national and international clients.
          B) Registering the property on the agent’s website.
          C) Advertising the property in all the agent’s offices in Thailand and the rest of the world.
          D) Keeping the property owner updated about bookings, payments, damages, etc.
          E) Sending newsletters about the property to potential clients.
          F) Offering the property for rent at the price quoted on the property owner’s pricelist.
          G) Endeavoring to promote and extend the sales of the property to the best of their professional ability.
          H) Taking care of all the administration (contracts, prices, signage, payments, check-in/out, customer complaints and so on).
          I) Property maintenance/management by Real Estate.

The contract that will be made between the Tenant and Landlord (Management Company is a standard contract approved by the landlord.


During your absence, we will take care of your property and always keep it in good condition.

We provide regular inspections of your property to identify problems in a timely manner. We will keep records and inform you about problems, however minor, and their solution. Also, our company provides the following services:

Regular cleaning of the property:

  • Cleaning once a week, or twice a week when guests are present. Thorough cleaning once a month (or before check-in/after check-out).
  • We care about the cleanliness of your home.

Garden/pool care, including:

  • Checking the pool filters, watering plants and mowing the lawn regularly, depending on weather conditions.

Payment of bills:

  • We will pay your utility bills, including electricity, water, internet, cable TV and any unexpected repair bills.
  • We organize all contracts with all suppliers of pest-control, air-con services and etc.

Repairs and maintenance:

We provide regular inspections of your property to identify minor problems and correct them promptly. We also provide 24-hour service engineering, which will help keep your property in excellent condition.

We will provide all the information in a monthly report along with an Excel sheet detailing all income and expenditure.