If you’re a golfer, one of the best things in life is to spend breakfast by the beach and play golf when you’ve finished your coffee. However, even if you’re not an avid golfer (or at least not yet!), now is the time to get your heart rate up and enjoy a round of golf. Without further ado, here are some of the best golf courses in Phuket.

1. Blue Canyon Country Club

If you’re looking for a real championship course in Phuket, Blue Canyon Country Club is the place to go to. It’s famous for being the 1994 venue for the Johnnie Walker Classic. However, even fans of the country club admit that the courses might need a bit of TLC, But if you’re looking for good value with excellent caddies and a wonderful layout, the steep drop-offs make for an exciting round of golf. Overall, you’ll still get a good experience and when you’re done, there’s a clubhouse, three restaurants, and a spa to cap your day.

2. Red Mountain Golf Club

A lot of golfers in Phuket agree that designers Jon Morrow and Al Tikkanen created one of the most challenging (and rewarding!) courses in Thailand. The breathtaking views and the clever elevation changes in the design of the whole place make this an amazing spot for both experienced and adventurous players. This club was meant to complement the gentler and shorter course next door, which is the Loch Palm. From the moment you step foot in this course till the end of the game, you’ll feel amazed and rewarded knowing that you just played at one of the best clubs in Thailand. It’s a bit expensive for some, but it’s definitely worth a try. The excellent restaurant is just the cherry on top. 

When it opened in 2007, Red Mountain Golf Club was hailed as Thailand’s best golf club. The whole site used to be an abandoned tin mine, which could explain the way it was designed. If you’re coming from Patong or Karon Beach, you’ll only need to travel about 15 minutes since Red Mountain Golf Club is located in the exact center of Phuket Island. However, take note that it’s compulsory to rent a golf cart here in Red Mountain because it’s next to impossible to walk through the course.

3. Loch Palm Golf Club

Nestled by verdant hills and right smack in a valley, it’s easy to see why Loch Palm Golf Club is one of the best golf courses in Phuket. Fans of the game come back to this golf club over and over again and for good reason: it’s easy enough to play a few rounds without tiring yourself too much. It’s not incredibly simple nor is it too hard to navigate. If you’re a beginner or you just want an easy round or two, this the perfect place to go to. 18 holes, wide fairways, and challenging enough. They recently completed a few renovations as well, so if you want to golf somewhere that’s well-maintained in Phuket, this is definitely one of those places. 

If you value well-trained and highly knowledgeable caddies, this place has got excellent caddies and they’re always ready to share their knowledge. The unique driving range is interesting as well as the fact that you get to play into a lake using floating golf balls. 

4. Phuket Country Club

One of the oldest but definitely well-maintained, Phuket Country Club still remains a firm favorite for locals and tourists alike. Although it used to be a walking course, they’ve recently added buggy tracks for easier navigation when the weather is a bit too hot. It’s also a clear favorite for a lot of golfers in Phuket because of the knowledgeable caddies and friendly staff. If you need anything, they’re always happy to assist. The course itself is great for beginners and those who have a few decades of playing under their belt. It’s an excellent warm-up course but still remains challenging enough.

Although the landscape is quite varied with a combination of open and undulating fairways, there are issues like how the fairway is not cut short. Overall, if you’re looking for good value for your money and just want to try out a new sport, Phuket Country Club is a good place to go to.

5. Laguna Golf Phuket

Designed by Paul Jansen and established in 1993, Laguna Golf Phuket is an extremely popular resort golf course, mostly because of the location. It’s smack dab in the middle of the Laguna hotel and resort complex, which is a few minutes away from Bangtao beach. Golfers used to think that it was not a challenging course, but the recent renovations have proven to challenge both newbies and long-term golfers alike. Although the newly shaped greenery has a lot of bumps and hollows which make for an interesting challenge, like Red Mountain, the site was also once a tin mine, which influenced the design. There are lots of lakes and ponds which make it an attractive course to play on. So if you like playing with lots of water, this is a great choice. 

Overall, the Laguna Phuket Golf Club has excellent facilities, well-stocked shops, and friendly caddies and staff. 

It’s definitely hard to pick the best golf course in Phuket. Which one’s your favorite and which golf course offers the best value for your money? Let us know!